Work With What You Have.

You were born with certain gifts, use them to your advantage.

As we navigate through life, we realize the things that make us different are actually the things that make us special. Whether it is your empathy, your loving nature, your fearlessness, your level headed disposition, what you thought was a weakness in our personality, could be your strength and what defines you.

Make a list of things people believe are negative in your personality, and make a list of what people believe are positive in your personality. You will be surprised that the list overlaps, and what is perceived as a negative or weakness is your positive and most greatest asset. 

Your empathy could be perceived as a weakness because you care too much for others. But it is probably your empathy that has loyal, loving people surrounding and supporting you always.

No matter how others perceive you, you need to accept the things that make you unique. In accepting who you are, you can now use these personality traits to build your success.

What defines us makes us a success.



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