Routines Can Change Your Life.

One of the things I am obsessed with are routines, they have become my addiction.

Having routines be something you make a huge part of your life can help you become better at accomplishing goals. The things that challenge, I developed routines to master them over time.

To start making small changes in your life using routines, begin with creating a routine for something small. One of the first routines I developed was my morning ritual, so that I won’t forget little steps that are important to me.

My routine consists of AM meditate, then vitamins, shower, moisturizing and then getting ready for the day.

When we are limited on time, we tend to forget steps and leave important things out. Some morning I would forget to meditate, or take my vitamins, having a routine or a sequence helped me to eliminate this problem. In creating a routine and a sequence of to dos, no matter if time was limited or I was distracted, I got my routine done.

So no matter what you are trying to achieve, start by writing down a routine and follow it until you master it. Start with small manageable routines, perfect them, then move onto larger challenges you want to accomplish.



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