Let us Help You Create The Life You Want

Find encouragement, discover your strength to move forward and create the life you want with our guided daily inspiration and journal. Activate and create moments of joy, hope, and gratitude – one day at a time.  

 You have what it takes to create the life you want. Let us help you do just that. Our journal was designed to help anyone develop a new positive habit. If you are new to journals or not, a few minutes daily can help you make the changes you want in your life.

Commanding Life Daily Inspiration and Journal will:

  • Help you find mental clarity.
  • Provide a guided way to organize thoughts so that an action plan can be created.
  • Offer encouraging words to stimulate positive thinking and emotions.
  • Help you set the right intention for your day.
  • Assist you in developing an empowering habit that builds self-confidence and supports the creation of the life you want.

What people have said about our journals:

“Love it. Having to do something both morning and night really brings the optimism and daily goals of the day into a full circle! It simple and quick but a great habit to make part of my daily routine. Thank you for adding to my days!” – Kristen

“Thank you so much!!!! You are so amazing and thank you for writing this wonderful book #onGod your words have changed my life and it was right on time…It has magical powers lol… every day I open it the message is what I needed to hear at that moment lol” – Shan

“I’ve started my journal and I love it. Although it’s only been two days I feel much happier.” – Alison

“I love how easy this journal is to do daily. I can now take the morning messages and apply them to my life. My life is a little difficult right now and I feel so much more hopeful about my situation. Thank you Commanding Life.” – AnnMarie

“I feel like the journal is making me more aware of the day’s gifts.  It has helped me to focus more on what I want from the day.  It’s been a wonderful way to check in with myself and give myself the time to reflect and be more observant.  I really didn’t expect it to have this much of an impact and for that I am grateful.” -Jennifer

Grace is a real user that loves the journal. Check out her top 5 reasons she loves the journal below:

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