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24 Inspiring Quotes to Get You Believing in Yourself Now!

As part of our #BelieveInYourselfChallenge we have compiled a great list of inspiring quotes to get you believing in yourself now. We want to inspire women everywhere to live an inspired life of happiness.  We believe that all happiness and change begins with trusting in yourself and your abilities. Despite struggles and failures that you […]

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Stop Dreaming & Start Living With These Bucket List Ideas

 I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well – Diane Ackerman Click to tweet We would all like to think that we are living, but in actuality we may all be […]

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Let Your ‘Why’ Energize You Today

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche Why do you work so hard? Do you know your “Why” and the reasons behind the things that push you toward success? Some people know their “why” and others are still trying to figure it out. Knowing your Why […]

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Never Be Afraid To Push Yourself.

Push yourself beyond your comfort zone today. Pushing yourself  can help you conquering your fears. Our fears can be big or they can be small. Start with a practice of conquering small fears. Smile at a stranger, speak up in the next meeting or do something you won’t normally do today. No matter how big or […]

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Share Your Good. Shed Your Bad.

Share your good, shed your bad, both will make room for more experiences.  If you share your good with others more good will come your way. If you shed your bad you make room for more good. There is a difference between sharing and shedding!  Sharing is blessing, shedding is disposing. We tend to hold […]

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What Excites You?

When was the last time someone asked you the question “What excites you?” Chances are you have not been asked in a very long time. The truth is something excites us all, and with the living of life we tend to forget these things. Make the time today to ask yourself this question. In remembering […]

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