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Stop Dreaming & Start Living With These Bucket List Ideas

We would all like to think that we are living, but in actuality we may all be dream living.

Dream living is when you go through life not doing the things you want but dreaming and wishing you were.

So we have all heard of vision boards and law of attraction, most of us just wish and hope and dream we can attract the things we want in life. They tell us focus on it and we can attract it in our lives.

What about actually living, what about creating and executing your bucket list ideas instead of dreaming about a vision board?

What You'll Learn:

  • Ways to Get Inspiration for You Bucket List
  • Why You Shouldn't Be Overwhelmed by Others Bucket List Examples
  • How to Make Time for Everything You Want to Accomplish on Your List
  • Also Why You Shouldn't Do It All At Once

Are Bucket Lists for You?

I know what you are thinking, aren’t bucket lists something old people do?

You may have seen or heard of the movie “The Bucket List” starring Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman. It’s about two men meeting in a hospital and being diagnosed with terminal illnesses. They become friends and decide to complete their bucket list – things to do before you kick the bucket.

This movie brought to life the concept of a bucket list, things you want to accomplish before your death. However, we don’t have to face death to start thinking, and living our bucket list.

Your bucket list is simply a number of experiences or achievements that you want to have or accomplish during your lifetime.

In contrast to a vision board, which is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal – a bucket list is about action!

Don’t get me wrong, vision boards are great, they can keep you focused, but don’t you want to live, truly live and stop the dreaming and wishing?

So now that I have gotten you thinking about ways to live your life differently, you are probably wondering where to begin.

Here are a few pointers to get those ideas going and start executing your bucket list.

Remove Limits from Your Bucket List Ideas. The Sky is The Limit Baby (literally)

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The first thing to remember about a bucket list is that you can have no limitations. Whether it is money, location or opportunity, remove all limitations. Dream as big as you want, so big you want to do it. The sky is no limitation for your bucket list, literally!

If you want to skydive, take a trip to the moon (something we will see in our lifetime) it may be possible. If you don’t think you have the money, enter competitions, join sweepstakes, just work on getting it done. Just having an item on your list keeps you focused on getting it done. If it is something you always wanted to do, don’t let the limitations you experience today prevent you from doing it tomorrow.

Get inspired, There Is Nothing Wrong with Lurking.

You might not be able to think about your experiences, why not look at bucket lists from other people? You might not think about running with the bulls in Spain if you live in Springfield, Ohio, but looking can help you expand your ideas of what you want to do.

Don’t get me wrong, Springfield is a great place, but limiting what you think based on your locale might not be bucket list phenomenal. So jump online, google bucket lists, lurk, stalk (just don’t get arrested) do what you need and create the most epic bucket list you can!

Don’t compare. Your List is Awesome.

One thing I learned in writing bucket lists is don’t compare. I have seen some bucket lists where people climb mountains or sky dive. I am more a keep my feet on the ground or lay at the beach kind of girl. Remember you are looking at other lists for inspiration or ideas to push the limitations of your thinking, not to do things you will not enjoy doing. So whether you like cold adventures, calm adventures, hot adventures or action packed adventures, the choice is totally yours.

Don’t Be An Over Achiever, Don’t Try to Write It All At Once.

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I see you being an overachiever and trying to get an ‘A’ in bucket list writing class, but one of the key to successfully writing a bucket list is not writing it all at once. You can create a list today and years from now it will be a totally different list.

We are limited in our thinking based on our current experiences, once you begin to check things off of your list you will begin to add more. Bucket lists can be ever evolving, especially if you go through the items quickly. Besides, constantly adding to your list is a great way to keep adventures in your life.

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Make Some List Items Easier to Achieve Than Others.

This is the bucket list cheat sheet right here. Making some things on your list easier to achieve than others is a sure fire way to get it rolling. You can add achievable things like eat oxtails or frog legs at a local restaurant something achievable today. Maybe white water rafting or camping in the outdoors are other easy to achieve list items.

Just the idea of trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone can get you revved up to try more. Bucket list ideas may not only be things that push you, but his and hers massages or a spa day complete with champagne and strawberries are all great items for people who want to keep it adventure free. Anything that will make you feel a little closer to actually living, not dreaming, is what living a bucket list is all about.

Timelist, Do Something Today, Don’t Wait Till Everything Is Perfect.

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So once you have gotten some great ideas in your head, start small. Write down things you can do within a reasonable period of time. For example, time listing is planning with a set period in mind.

  • 1 month – eat something I have never eaten before
  • 3 months – spend a day at a spa (live in a spa robe for a day)
  • 6 months – Take a weekend trip to a mountain cabin/beach house
  • Summer 2017 - go to the beach for a week.
  • Winter 2017 - go see a spectacular Christmas light show.
  • Summer 2018 – go on a cruise to Alaska or Bahamas
  • Winter 2018 – go to a beach (any beach)
  • Summer 2019 – Visit another continent (Europe, Asia, Australia, Americas)

Your list can go on and on, just start small, plan and build as you go. Remember lists can be ever evolving and not set in stone. For example, after visiting one Caribbean beach you might decide to visit every Caribbean beach.

After taking one cruise you might just want to do them all. Or maybe if you try one new international cuisine you might just make it a weekend thing with you and your girls, a weekly international food crawl.

Most Popoulat Things to Do Before You Die

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Takeaways from These Bucket List Examples

The ideas for a bucket list are tremendous, you are its creator. So stop dream living and start actually living.

Take the time out to be inspired by other people's lists, slowly make and execute your own and then create a timeline for your life that thrills you.


Now It's Your Turn - What's Your Experience?

Please share some of your bucket list ideas, bucket lists ‘completes’ below. We would love to hear them all!

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